Packaging – The Sunday Mirror

How HAVE the packaging industry got away with it?


We are all commanded to reduce land fill disposal – yet more than half of the rubbish I put out for this collectors next week was Christmas packaging for the local dump.


We are all instructed that we must recycle all we can. Yet all the packaging I am ditching is unrecyclable, non biodegradable plastic which gives off deadly toxic fumes if you burn it.


We are all told to reduce our dependence on hydro carbons. Yet all of this is made from invaluable petrochemical feedstock.


And by the way it is dangerous, too. . I cut myself to the quick on Christmas day opening the plastic packaging round my granddaughter’s present, which was so thick, I had to use the garden shears to open it. Where are our Health and Safety busybodies when we need them? Why were they not involved in this mortal threat to my fingers, when they are in so much else ?


Answers on a post card to next week’s Sunday Mirror please.